About The Blue Bonnet

The Blue Bonnet opened it's doors in the 1930s and was one of the first restaurants in Denver to obtain a liquor license after prohibition. When the restaurant first opened for business, the Broadway streetcars ended at the restaurant's corner. The Blue Bonnet was originally opened as an American Cafe started by the Bolte family who had a connection to Texas, hence the name, Blue Bonnet, after the Texas State flower. Arlene and Philip Mobell became the owners in 1968 and first introduced Mexican cuisine. Today, brother and sister duo Gary Mobell Marci Rosenberg operate the restaurant.

As one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in Denver, The Blue Bonnet is proud to have second-generation employees amongst their wait, bar, and kitchen staff. Eighteen-year veteran and head chef, Luis Galvez also brings many of his family's recipes to the menu at the restaurant infusing the cuisine with an incredible Mexican tradition. Together with the Mobell Family, The Blue Bonnet Mexican Restaurant now offers an innovative seasonal menu utilizing a range of local ingredients, a gluten-free menu (one of the largest in the city), award-winning margarita list, extensive cocktail selection in addition to their famous traditional Mexican menu.